Widex Moment Sheer 220 sRIC R D

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The Widex Moment Sheer 220 sRIC R D, launched in 2022, are budget-friendly mini RIC rechargeable hearing aids in the Widex Moment Sheer line. The Widex Moment Sheer 220 sRIC R D hearing aids combine discretion and elegance with sound clarity thanks to their 10 adjustment channels that ensure a hearing experience as close to natural as possible. This model features 3 programmes that can be adjusted according to the sound environment to ensure optimal listening comfort and ease of use. The Widex Moment Sheer 220 sRIC R D hearing aids run on a lithium-ion battery with a charger that is now even lighter and sleeker.

Included for free:
– 1 Hearing Aids Charger
– 1 box of earwax filters
– 1 box of cleaning wipes
– 1 cleaning spray 30 ml
– Unlimited remote fitting sessions

Color: Dark grey
Auzen Care Guarantee: Auzen Care, an insurance against malfunction, theft or loss. (150 CHF per Ear)
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Understanding in noise

The Widex Moment Sheer 220 sRIC RD hearing aids feature 10 adjustment channels, 3 customisable programmes and a control button.
This model functions using Widex PureSound and ZeroDelay technologies, which eliminate the distortion and artificial noise often caused by digital hearing aids.
Meanwhile, TrueAcoustics technology takes acoustic properties into account and allows you to fine-tune the parameters at the ear canal to provide a clear and natural sound.
Lastly, this model is IP68 certified, which guarantees effective protection against dust and moisture.

This model in the Comfort line is not as effective as the model in the Excellence line WIDEX Moment Sheer 440 sRIC R D
For comparison, the Widex Moment Sheer 220 sRIC RD model does not have the three main functions featured in the WIDEX Moment Sheer 440 sRIC R D model:
- SmartWind Manager (automatic sound adjustment for wind noise suppression), 
- High Frequency Boost (wide dynamic range) 
- Speech Enhancer algorithm (highlighting enhanced speech). This model has 10 adjustment channels, unlike the WIDEX Moment Sheer 440 sRIC RD, which has 15 channels.


The Widex Moment Sheer 220 sRIC R D hearing aids are equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth and can connect to both Android and iOS smartphones, allowing you to make and receive calls and enjoy direct audio streaming without the need for an additional accessory. Smartphone users can also use the Widex Moment mobile app to easily control their Moment Sheer 220 sRIC R D hearing aids. Lastly, you can use wireless accessories from the Widex DEX series, such as the RC-DEX* remote control, the COM-DEX* control and streaming interface, or the TV-DEX* adapter.

*These accessories are not included. You can buy them in our online store.


With the free Widex Moment app, available for Android and iOS, you can turn your mobile phone into a remote control to set up your hearing aids quickly and easily. With the app, it is quick and easy to manage device shutdown, battery level, volume, or the programme itself, which is chosen depending on the sound environment. The Widex MOMENT mobile app is equipped with SoundSense learn technology to ensure the optimal settings for your listening environment. Whether you’re watching TV, driving, walking, at the cinema or in a restaurant, all you have to do is save your preferences in the programme and then reactivate them on demand.

Not sure whether it’s compatible with your phone? Get in touch with us via Chat.

Accessories included


The Moment Sheer 220 sRIC R D hearing aids are powered by a lithium-ion battery and charged using the Moment charger from Widex. The charger allows you to fully charge your hearing aids in 4 hours or charge quickly when needed.

Charging time: 4-hour charge lasts for 24 hours.

Super-fast charging feature:
Fully charges in 4 hours
Quick charging: 30 minutes of charging provides 4 hours of battery life

Manufacturer Warranty: Widex 2-year battery warranty


To care for your Widex Moment Sheer 220 sRIC R D hearing aids and make sure they are comfortable and last longer, we provide:

  • A set of tools to care for your hearing aids, including a small rod and a brush.
  • Cleaning spray for in-the-ear hearing aids.
  • 10 antibacterial wipes specially designed for thorough cleaning.

Take care of your Widex Moment Sheer 220 hearing aids and enjoy incredible sound clarity every day.


Technical specifications

Find all the technical specifications for the WIDEX Widex Moment Sheer 220 sRIC R D

Artificial intelligence Standard
Bluetooth Available for iPhone
Available for Android
Programs 3 programmes
Number of bands 10
Programs button Yes
Noise filtering Enhanced
Selective speech amplification Enhanced
PureSound™ ZeroDelay™
Volume adjustment Automatic
Wind noise reduction No
Feedback cancellation Standard
Impact noise reduction Standard
Treble compression Yes
Binaural communication No
Directional microphones Enhanced
Coil (T Position) No

Technical specifications


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