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The Oticon TV adapter 3.0 is the must-have accessory that allows you to receive sound from TV, radio or any other audio source directly into your Oticon more 1 or 3 hearing aids at the desired sound level via Bluetooth. This product is compatible with a wide variety of connections, including both Dolby Digital and digital stereo.

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To use the TV Adapter 3.0, all you need is for your hearing aids to be in pairing mode and within 30 cm of the TV Adapter. The TV adapter will then automatically pair and be connected to them. The TV adapter will begin streaming audio automatically once a valid sound signal is detected.
The TV adapter can also be connected to an unlimited number of different hearing aids.

Features :

- fully integrated system
- simple everyday use
- digital stereo (PCM) and Dolby Digital®: home theatre
- MultiConnect
- Easy pairing
- Power supply
- 2.0 metre TOSLINK optical cable
- RCA to RCA stereo cable
- 3.5 mm mini jack to RCA adapter

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