Auzen Care

CHF 150

Did you step on your hearing aids? Did you forget to take them out when you got into the shower? The Zen plan covers you against theft, loss, accidental damage or mechanical failure of your hearing aid.



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Auzen Care, an insurance against malfunction, theft or loss

For CHF 150.- per device, we guarantee the identical replacement of your hearing aids for 4 years. This warranty takes effect from the date of purchase of the device and expires if the hearing aid is replaced. If the hearing aid is replaced, the deductible is equal to 30% of the purchase price.

Auzen Performance

All our solutions include


  • Remote setting adjustment with mobile app
  • 30 DAY TRIAL satisfaction or money-back guarantee
  • FREE DELIVERY in Switzerland

Top quality

  • Discretion, performance and comfort
  • Rechargeable devices with charger included
  • Bluetooth connectivity
    Smartphone, Tablets, TV, audio streaming, etc.