TV BOX - Signia Streamline TV

CHF 189

Listen to TV directly from your Signia hearing aids thanks to the Streamline TV adapter that automatically transmits your TV sound in Dolby Digital quality and in stereo.

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Enjoy direct in-ear Dolby Digital stereo quality sound from your television with Streamline TV. Connect the hearing aids of several members of your household to the same StreamLine TV box, and offer everyone a personalized sound and incomparable listening quality. Control the volume via the new MyControl app which can be downloaded for free on your smartphone. StreamLine TV is compatible with all televisions equipped with the following connections:

A TOSLINK cable (optical / digital), Clinch cable (RCA / analog) and a Jack adapter.


Automatic pairing with your hearing aids

Direct streaming up to 10 meters

Optical input and output

Supports Dolby Digital audio

Simultaneously stream to multiple hearing aid pairs with a single StreamLine TV accessory.

Configuration button

RCA connections

TV indicator

Power indicator

Mode button

TOSLINK connections (optical)

Mains connection


Compatible with StreamLine Mic Compatible with the simultaneous use of StreamLine Mic to manage your phone calls hands-free while watching television, as the television sound will automatically cut out.

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