About us

Auzen, Swiss precision for the benefit of your hearing

Auzen is first of all the story of a team of professionals passionnate about sound and next generation technologies, with more than 70 years of experience in the field of hearing in Switzerland.

Auzen also has a specific ambition: combine innovation and expertise to offer a simple, high-performance hearing solution accessible to everyone.

Auzen is, above all, a desire to offer a customized hearing experience, by providing our customers with a premium and unlimited service.

Premium teleaudiology service with Swiss quality and Swiss precision by Auzen
Auzen Hearing Aids

Our mission : Make hearing aids accessible to everyone

Hearing loss and its impact on society

Hearing loss is a major social issue. In 2020, 70% of people in need of a hearing aid worldwide were not equipped.* Untreated hearing loss can lead to mental health problems, social isolation, cognitive decline and falls.

Auzen Hearing Aids

5 common misconceptions about hearing aids

Misconception 1: Hearing aids are expensive.

Answer : Not anymore! Auzen provides a transparent, all-inclusive and unique price per range. Our prices are also on average 65% lower than market prices. Find out more about our price policy.

Misconception 2 : Hearing aids are big and uncomfortable.

Answer : False. The proof is in our selection of hearing aids with state-of-the-art miniaturization and comfort. Since there are different strokes for different folks, our two product lines offer a range of shapes and colors that allows everyone to find the "perfect hearing aid for their ear”.

Misconception 3 : If I wear a hearing aid, people will think I’m old.

Answer : Also false. At Auzen, our connected hearing aids give you a second lease of life by bringing back into the heart of conversations, whether face-to-face or on the phone. Having to ask people to repeat what you couldn’t quite hear will surely lead to some teasing. You have been forewarned...

Misconception 4 : I need multiple visits to a hearing center in order to accurately adjust the settings on my hearing aids.

Answer : Again, this is false. Our consultations and appointments to adjust settings with your Auzen expert are 100% online. You can therefore take advantage of this service wherever you are, without having to travel anywhere for a visit. This is a particular advantage in this time of COVID-19.

Misconception 5 : Hearing aids don’t work very well anyway.

Answer : Another misconception. Technology has significantly evolved in recent years. Our selection of next-generation connected hearing aids now offers 5-star sound quality.


At Auzen, we envisage a world where everyone has access to quality hearing care, regardless of age, budget or place of residence. Innovators at heart, we are revolutionizing the hearing aid market by offering state-of-the-art products at unbeatable prices.

For us, the future of audiology is online.

Our 100% connected service makes it possible for us to offer our patients an even better experience than in an audiology center: a more precise and suitable choice of the most discreet, high-performance hearing aids on the market, cost savings thanks to our all-inclusive formula, and unlimited, high quality personalized support, wherever you are.

Join the Auzen revolution.