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Between Aesthetics and Nomadism

SIGNIA STYLETTO 3X offer unique hearing comfort thanks to their differential processing of the user’s voice. The SIGNIA APP provides real-time audiological support and their elegant self-contained charging case make them the perfect hearing aids for those who are on the go as well as at home.

Included for free:
- 1 Hearing aids charger
- 1 box of earwax filters
- 1 Box of cleaning wipes
- 1 Cleaning spray 30ml
- Unlimited remote hearing care

Color: Black
Auzen Care Guarantee: Auzen Care, an insurance against malfunction, theft or loss. (150 CHF per Ear)
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The note of the expert

Understanding in noise

Designed for iPhone and Android compatible, the rechargeable Signia Styletto 3Xs have a water-resistant coating and an IP68 rating for the best user experience in all situations. Thanks to their Spatial SpeechFocus feature with simultaneous data integration from the directional microphone system and the digital noise reduction system, these hearing aids deliver unparalleled sound quality by effectively reducing unwanted noise. Equipped with YourSound Signia technology, the hearing aids' motion sensors enable active sound processing and their eWindScreen monaural wind noise processing feature offers clear and optimized hearing, both indoors and outdoors.


The Styletto 3X hearing aids connect easily to your smartphone so you can listen directly to music and answer phone calls. These hearing aids can also be connected to your TV and other HIFI sound sources via the TV transmitter adapter available in our shop.

Are you concerned about the compatibility of your telephone? Contact us on the Chat.


Signa's Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to the app’s Artificial Intelligence, programming settings adapted to individual acoustic environments becomes quick and intuitive. Signia Assistant memorizes your preferences and with each patient feedback, it automatically learns to fine-tune its responses and improve its suggested approaches. The more Signia Assistant is used, the higher the performance it provides.

Are you concerned about the compatibility of your telephone? Contact us on the Chat.

Accessories included

Charger and portable case

Compact and autonomous, the Signia Styletto charging box is equipped with an internal battery that allows it to carry out 3 complete recharges of both devices, without being connected to the current. With its clean lines and its ergonomic design, inspired by Apple's AirPods charger, this portable box is rechargeable by itself by cable or via induction charging mat. 

Quick Charge: 3h recharge for an autonomy of 17 hours.

Nomad box: 3 complete refills without power supply.

Maintenance accessories

To care for your Signia STYLETTO 3X hearing aids and make sure they are comfortable and last longer, we provide:
  • A set of tools to care for your hearing aids, including a small rod and a brush.
  • A cleaning spray for your hearing aids.
  • 10 antibacterial wipes specially designed for thorough cleaning.

Enjoy incredible sound clarity every day while taking care of your hearing aids!

Technical specifications

Find all the technical specifications for the SIGNIA Signia STYLETTO 3X

Artificial intelligence Standard
Bluetooth Made for iPhone (IOS)
Programs 6 programs
Number of bands 12
Programs button No
Noise filtering Advanced
Selective speech amplification Advanced
Volume adjustment Automatic
Wind noise reduction Yes
Feedback cancellation Advanced
Impact noise reduction Advanced
Treble compression Yes
Binaural communication Basic
Directional microphones Yes
Coil (T Position) No

Technical specifications


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