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Genesis AI 16 MRIC R CHF 1,090 Between sound quality
& natural listening

Maximum Comfort and Quality The model Starkey Genesis AI 16 MRIC R uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide natural sound with the industry's most advanced processor.

Genesis AI 24 MRIC R CHF 1,490 Intelligence
& Compact Design

Introducing the Starkey Genesis AI 24 MRIC R, where cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence meets auditory excellence.

RIC R EVOLV AI 1600 CHF 990 CHF 841.50 Effectiveness & Reliability

Starkey RIC R Evolv AI 1600 are the latest generation of rechargeable RIC R hearing aids and the first of the RIC R Evolv AI line, which are suitable for people with mild to moderate+ hearing loss.

RIC R EVOLV AI 2400 CHF 1,390 CHF 1,181.50 Sound Precision & Durability

Equipped with Starkey’s most advanced hearing loss technology, the RIC R Evolv AI 2400 hearing aids are suitable for all levels of hearing loss, from mild to profound.

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Full Charge in less than 3 hours
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Express Charge: 20% in 7 minutes
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Innovation: the Starkey philosophy

Through research, innovation and dedication, Starkey goes above and beyond to provide the best
hearing experience.

As a leader in the manufacture and distribution of state-of-the-art hearing aids, Starkey works
every day to make sure that people with hearing loss can get the best possible hearing experience.

Starkey’s research teams combine their expertise in audiology, hearing science, audio signal
processing and AI to bring revolutionary hearing devices to the market. In order to make a difference
and maintain its leading position in the market, Starkey’s innovative approach allows the brand
to set the bar even higher to help people with hearing loss live life to the fullest.

Starkey’s diverse ranges of hearing aids offer some of the most technologically advanced solutions
on the market. Starkey partners like Auzen know that when they offer their customers Starkey
hearing aids, they are guaranteeing the highest levels of comfort, performance and a personalised

Starkey is a brand focused on hearing care specialists

Being a hearing specialist in partnership with Starkey means getting support, products, and human
resources, and embodying the passion and enthusiasm of a leader in the field of audiology to
deliver the best hearing products.

Customisable, functional and reliable, Starkey hearing aids are like the exceptional Starkey
Sound™ they deliver.

Known for being one of the best in the industry, Starkey’s customer service is the result of the
brand’s commitment to providing the best attention out there, thanks to its hearing care professionals.

Bringing people together is what inspires Starkey’s work in technology development, as well as
the brand's commitment and efforts to support Starkey partners like Auzen.

It’s important to remember that, when it comes to choosing hearing aids, only a hearing specialist
collaborating with partners like Auzen can advise you and help you choose the right hearing aid for you.

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Starkey’s History

In 1971, William F. Austin, owner of the small hearing aid company Professional, bought Starkey
Laboratories from his colleague Harold Starkey. He merged the two businesses and kept the Starkey
name. Two years later, Starkey brought the first ever custom-made in-the-ear hearing aid to the
market, with a 90-day trial and a one-year warranty. Starkey quickly went on to become the world’s
leading manufacturer of in-the-ear hearing aids.

Impressive demand. Starkey expanded the business to Eden Prairie, Minnesota and then opened the
first office in Manchester, England. Over the next five years, Starkey branches were opened in
Toronto (Canada), Hamburg (Germany), Glencoe (Minnesota), and Paris (France).

In 1978, Bill Austin launched the Starkey Fund battery recycling programme. The brand asks hearing
care professionals and distributors to return used batteries to the company in exchange for a
donation to help hard-of-hearing people in need. This programme then led to creation of the
Starkey Foundation, a tax-exempt charity. The following year, Starkey developed the CHAT hearing
aid tester, the Tinnitus Research audiometer, and the Digital Drain Meter. These advanced tools
allow hearing care professionals to offer a much more accurate diagnosis to their patients.

During the 80s and 90s, Starkey made rapid advances in the sphere of innovation and development.
The driving force behind the brand was the launch of the CE-5 series, the first in-the-canal
hearing aids on the market. In 1983, the brand gained high prestige when President Ronald Reagan
began using Starkey’s INTRA hearing aids. This device is gaining recognition among a wider audience
and driving sales across the industry.

Starkey Today

Starkey successfully manages to provide a comfortable hearing experience even in noisy environments
thanks to its range of invisible hearing aids. The brand’s commitment to improving your day-to-day
life is driven by the development of ever smaller and more innovative hearing aids that provide
better hearing levels and greater comfort during use. Starkey Hearing Technologies has created
the first endoscopic earpiece and the first fully programmable digital invisible hearing aid.
In addition, Starkey was one of the first to apply nanotechnology in the field of hearing aids.
With this technology, the brand has managed to create waterproof hearing aids which also solve
a huge problem for users, by providing a high-quality hearing experience even when there is
background noise!

In addition, 2004 is marked by the presence and support of Elton John at the 2004 So The World
May Hear Awards, which helped the Starkey Foundation raise a record $2.7 million. The money
raised went towards the construction of the new William F. Austin Centre and the opening of the
Starkey Hearing Research Center on December 13th 2004.

In 2020, Starkey reimagines the hearing experience with the launch of the new Livio Edge AI,
the world’s first 2.4GHz rechargeable in-the-ear hearing aid featuring an advanced AI mechanism.

Today, thanks to industry experts and external collaborators with innovative minds, the Starkey
team boasts an unrivaled track record that explains the brand’s leadership position in the
state-of-the-art hearing solutions market.

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