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Phonak Audeo
Paradise P50-RT
CHF 1,090 Effectiveness
& Reliability

Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 RT are rechargeable waterproof RIC hearing aids with 64 sound ranges and 16 channels.

Phonak Audeo
Paradise P90-RT
CHF 1,590 Performance
& Durability

Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 RT are rechargeable waterproof RIC hearing aids with 64 sound ranges and 20 channels.

Phonak Audeo
Lumity L50-RT
CHF 1,590 Unparalleled comfort
& Clarity

Phonak Audeo Lumity L50-RT hearing aids are rechargeable RIC hearing aids. They are the first model in the Audeo Lumity line, featuring 64 sound ranges, 16 channels and a multi-function button.

Phonak Audeo
Lumity L90-RT
CHF 1,990 A triumph of sound
& Precision

RIC hearing aids Audeo Lumity L90 R T by Phonak are some of the most effective of the brand’s products. They are rechargeable and suitable for all degrees of hearing loss.

Phonak Slim Lumity L90 R CHF 2,090 Comfort
& Performance

The Phonak Slim Lumity L90 R is a rechargeable hearing aid that combines state-of-the-art technology with a slim, comfortable design.

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Phonak Audeo
Paradise P50-RT
Phonak Audeo
Paradise P90-RT
12 bands min
24 bands min
Digital sound processing
Understanding in noise
Automatic adaptation to the environment
AntiTinnitus Program
Full Charge
2 hours for 24 hour autonomy
3 hours for 24 hour autonomy
Quick Charge feature
15-minute charge for 3 hours of performance
15-minute charge for 3 hours of performance
Automatic Fall Detection
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Phonak hearing aids and accessories: solutions for any needs

Phonak believes that people with hearing difficulties should be able to go wherever they want whenever
they want, without being inconvenienced by hearing loss. That’s why Phonak’s technology development
team always maintains this priority when creating new solutions for hearing aids and accessories.

Their goal is to create different types of hearing systems that make life easier for people who are hard of
hearing in the most natural way possible and without any effort on their part, while ensuring an exceptional
hearing experience in any environment!

Functionality of Phonak hearing aids

Phonak believes that the best hearing aids go beyond just amplifying sounds; they must also provide
unbeatable sound quality and reduce background noise for users. Phonak hearing aids also allow its users

  • Distinguish different types of sounds
  • Amplify sounds coming from all directions
  • Suppress background noise
  • Use frequency compression

These functions are performed automatically by the hearing aid, which detects the user's environment and
automatically adjusts to it.

Phonak hearing aids by Auzen can also be connected to your smartphone and TV, allowing you to stream
audio from several devices, as well as make hands-free calls, and the rechargeable batteries make using the
hearing aid simple and convenient.

Phonak: fully customised hearing aids

Phonak manufactures a wide range of innovative hearing aids with numerous functions and different
power levels, all with the aim to meet the needs of any user, from mild or moderate hearing loss to more
severe. Both rechargeable hearing aids and Bluetooth® hearing aids are available, as well as many other
high-tech devices. To find out more, potential users can visit a general overview page about Phonak hearing

It is important to note that Phonak believes only hearing specialists such as audiologists can offer the best
solutions for people with hearing loss. For Phonak, it is fundamental that patients only receive consultations
from qualified specialists, who can help them to select, adjust and test the performance of their hearing

That’s why it’s important to remember that, when it comes to choosing hearing aids, only a hearing
specialist collaborating with partners like Auzen can advise you and help you choose the right hearing aid
for you.

Contact an Auzen hearing specialist now to learn more about the best solutions for hearing loss.

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Phonak: a pluralistic brand

Phonak is a leading provider of innovative hearing aids that are available to consumers through multiple
channels, and this diverse approach allows the Sonova group and different brands such as Phonak to offer a
wide range of solutions in this area:

  • Hearing aids
  • Cochlear implants
  • Wireless devices
  • Digital solutions
  • Professional audiology services

This varied range of products and services allows the brand to offer its users devices that are tailored to
better suit their individual needs. Each Sonova brand has a unique identity and operates as an independent
entity on the market. As one of these brands, Phonak designs, manufactures and distributes hearing aids
that have been changing lives for over 70 years.

Phonak: a brand within Sonova Group

Founded in 1947, the Sonova Group, which owns the Phonak trademark, is based in the city of Stäfa in
Switzerland. From hearing aids and cochlear implants to wireless solutions, Sonova boasts one of the most
extensive product ranges on the market.

Today, Sonova employs more than 16,500 people in over 100 countries. Through its various activities and
support of the Hear the World Foundation, Sonova and the Phonak brand strive to create a world where
everyone can enjoy high-quality hearing and thus live life to the fullest.

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