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RIC Oticon More
3 Minirite R
CHF 1,590 Powerful
& Effective

The 2021 Oticon More 3 Minirite R micro RIC hearing aids are powered by a lithium-ion battery. These budget-friendly hearing aids in the Oticon More series have a T-shaped telecoil, 48 control channels, and 18 bands.

RIC Oticon More
1 Minirite R
CHF 1,990 Neurointelligence
& Sound Precision

Launched in 2021, the Oticon More 1 Minirite R micro RIC hearing aids are the most powerful and efficient model in the Oticon More series. These hearing aids have a T-shaped telecoil, as well as 64 control channels and 24 bands.

Oticon Real
1 Minirite R
CHF 1,990 Sound Precision
& Advanced Technology

Released in March 2023, the Real 1 MiniRite R is the newest and most advanced Oticon Real rechargeable MiniRite line model. This model is perfect for all levels of hearing loss, from slight to profound, bilateral or unilateral. Building on the brand-patented AI features.

Oticon Real
3 Minirite R
CHF 1,590 Sound Precision
& Advanced Technology

The Oticon Real 3 MiniRite R is a discreet, rechargeable hearing aid that delivers natural sound hearing, better speech clarity, and noise reduction, part of the family of Oticon hearing loss solutions.

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RIC Oticon More
3 Minirite R
RIC Oticon More
1 Minirite R
18 bands min
24 bands min
Digital sound processing
Understanding in noise
Automatic adaptation to the environment
AntiTinnitus Program
Full Charge
Recharges in 3 hours for a 24 hour battery life
Recharges in 3 hours for a 24 hour battery life
Quick Charge feature
30 minute charge for 6 hours of performance
30 minute charge for 6 hours of performance
Automatic Fall Detection
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The Oticon brand today

Oticon’s philosophy and professional approach can be summarised as follows:

Curiosity and openness to new experiences
Oticon is constantly exploring new technological approaches to make significant strides in the field
of hearing care. Progressive and open to new ideas, the brand builds on its close interaction with
over 13,000 hearing aid users and collaboration with hearing specialists to create hearing solutions
that meet the individual needs of users.

A unique philosophy: BrainHearing™
The Demant Group decided to approach the problem of hearing loss in a new way. Their conclusion? For
Oticon, everything starts with the brain; the human ear perceives sound, and it is the brain that
gives these sounds meaning.

By understanding how the brain interprets sound, Oticon researchers can more effectively help people
to choose the most appropriate hearing aids for them. With this philosophy, dubbed BrainHearing™,
the brand’s scientific team was able to understand how to protect the brain from the various risks
associated with hearing loss, including cognitive decline.

Research Centre for Technological Innovation
This philosophy is put into practice through the cutting-edge scientific research conducted at the
Eriksholm Research Centre. Ranked among the world’s leading hearing experts, the scientists at the
research centre regularly make groundbreaking discoveries to help develop the hearing technologies
of the future.

Unwavering loyalty to our users
The brand developers strive to make life easier for people with hearing loss from the moment it is
discovered and throughout the rehabilitation process. Thus people with hearing loss are at the focus
of everything that Oticon specialists do and achieve.

This dedication, as expressed in the slogan ‘People First’, is supported by the belief that understanding
the needs and challenges of people with hearing loss is the only way to develop the best hearing aids in
the world. As a result of understanding the precise needs of hearing aid users, Oticon solutions fit
easily and naturally into everyday life. In this way, Oticon helps its hearing aid wearers to lead an
active lifestyle without hearing problems.

Oticon’s commitment to hearing specialists
Oticon values the experience and professionalism of hearing specialists and stresses that when it
comes to choosing hearing aids, it is essential to consult a qualified professional who understands
the unique needs of people with hearing loss. That’s why Oticon hearing aids only ‘come to life’ in
the hands of our trusted hearing specialists.

From our side, this trust is shown through the full support we provide our hearing care partners,
including first-class training, cutting-edge products and support at every stage.

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Oticon: Life-changing technology!

Oticon’s philosophy of getting closer to the user and understanding their needs always determines
the necessary focus for the brand’s research and development. Moreover, the company’s slogan — “Life-
changing technology” — summarises the brand’s mission:

To improve the lives of people with all degrees of hearing loss.

Oticon is committed to technological innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to achieve its goals.
While other manufacturers only offer directional hearing solutions, Oticon has pioneered 360° open
sound and BrainHearing technology.

The brand’s relentless pursuit of the impossible and the ability to challenge convention in order to
achieve its goal is what makes Oticon the technology leader in the hearing aid industry.

Why did Auzen choose the Oticon brand?

Oticon’s vision is similar to Auzen’s ideology:

To create a society in which hearing loss does not limit anyone!

To achieve this, Oticon provides its partner hearing specialists with all the necessary tools to
achieve this goal:

  • ongoing technological progress in the development of hearing aids and related accessories.
  • advanced scientific research into hearing loss and its consequences.
  • unique equipment and software for our partner hearing specialists like Auzen

History of the Oticon brand

The Oticon company mission was conceived over 100 years ago. It all began in 1904 when Hans Demant
wanted to help his deaf wife Camilla by finding solutions to improve her quality of life and overcome
the obstacles caused by hearing loss.

His fierce determination led him to turn this dream into a reality, creating one of the first hearing
aids in the world, which was subsequently used by his wife. With this success, his mission became a
real passion: to help people with hearing difficulties. So, Hans Demant established the Oticon brand.

Since then, Oticon has been working toward one goal: to create a world where hearing loss is no longer
a limitation. By pushing the boundaries of technology and challenging convention, the Oticon brand
is helping to improve the lives of people with hearing loss.

In 2010, Oticon expanded the scope of its activities with the development of Ponto, a series of
bone-anchored medical implants to compete with BAHA (bone-anchored hearing aids). This hearing aid
allows people with an affected outer and/or middle ear to perceive sound through bone conduction.

In addition, Oticon also develops learning solutions for those who interact daily with people with
hearing loss and for hearing specialists. Reference materials in the form of videos or computer
simulations allow patients and their families to better understand hearing loss and its consequences.

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