Is HEARING LOSS noticeable?

Which is older? Not hearing and asking the person you're talking to to repeat themselves or wearing a discreet hearing aid?

Check out our selection of discreet hearing aids:

Many of our patients fear that others will notice their hearing loss by wearing a hearing aid. However, the opposite is true!

Asking someone to repeat themselves several times is very noticeable and makes them look older.

Today's hearing aids are discreet. They look like wireless headphones. Some of them are completely aligned with the extension of the eyeglass stem: Discretion is optimal!

Discover our selection of discreet hearing aids:

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Our selection of hearing aids

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We have compared, tested and selected the best hearing aids from each manufacturer. Because of our strict and demanding selection criteria, we offer a unique selection of the most advanced hearing aid technologies at the lowest prices on the market.
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  • Ideal at home
  • Small groups
  • Quiet environments
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  • Ideal for outings
  • Group conversations
  • Noisy environments