3 Reasons to choose 100% online hearing care

Since the global pandemic, telemedicine has made it possible to set up hearing aids remotely!

3 reasons to switch from Audiology to e-Audiology

REASON 1️⃣: Buy and set up your hearing aids 100% online.
Since COVID-19, telemedicine is becoming more and more common and now allows access to hearing care at a distance.

REASON 2️⃣: Save time: No more physical appointments, our hearing care professionals are available directly via phone.
Don't waste your time travelling to your physical appointments with your hearing care professional. Sit back on your couch and meet with our experts Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

REASON 3️⃣: Receive and customize your hearing instruments quickly. Get an optimal setting online and hear again!
Stay in control of your hearing instruments through your phone. Avoid incorrect settings and annoying noise and receive fast access to the right settings for your hearing aids.

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We have compared, tested and selected the best hearing aids from each manufacturer. Because of our strict and demanding selection criteria, we offer a unique selection of the most advanced hearing aid technologies at the lowest prices on the market.
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  • Small groups
  • Quiet environments
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