3 Steps to online hearing care

Access hearing care from your couch!

At Auzen, 100% of our hearing care services are available online to make your life easier, even from a distance.

🟤 Take a hearing test at home or send in your audiogram to assess your hearing loss.


🟤 Find the right hearing aids for your diagnosis with the Auzen Guide. 


Answer a series of questions and discover your personalized hearing aid recommendation.

🟤 Order online in a 100% secure way. Benefit from our advantageous financing conditions and DI/OASI reimbursement.


Be as close as possible even at a distance with https://bit.ly/36xtNJ3


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Our solutions

Our selection of hearing aids

Choose the solution that is best adapted to your lifestyle.

We have compared, tested and selected the best hearing aids from each manufacturer. Because of our strict and demanding selection criteria, we offer a unique selection of the most advanced hearing aid technologies at the lowest prices on the market.
Comfort Comfort
from CHF 990
  • Ideal at home
  • Small groups
  • Quiet environments
Excellence Excellence
from CHF 1390
  • Ideal for outings
  • Group conversations
  • Noisy environments