Oticon More 3 miniRITE R

CHF 1,590

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Between Neural Intelligence and High Resolution 

Oticon More 3 are the first hearing aids that mimic the brain.
These hearing aids are fitted with MoreSound Intelligence technology, which captures and optimises real-life sounds to provide access to a full and balanced sound stage.

Included for free:
- 1 Hearing aids charger
- 1 box of earwax filters
- 1 Box of cleaning wipes
- 1 Cleaning spray 30ml
- Unlimited remote hearing care

Color: Silver
Auzen Care Guarantee: Auzen Care, an insurance against malfunction, theft or loss. (150 CHF per Ear)
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The note of the expert

Understanding in noise
Special features

Oticon More 3 hearing aids have been tested and trained with real-life sounds to provide a full and balanced sound stage.
They provide a clear and optimised sound quality in all types of sound environments, including transient noise management.

BrainHearing™ technology, which works with the brain by delivering the essential information it needs to better understand sounds, makes Oticon More 3 hearing aids revolutionary. 

With the MoreSound Intelligence™ technology in Oticon More 3 hearing instruments, you will gain access to the highest possible recognition of the sound environment. The hearing aid scans and analyses all sounds around you up to 500 times per second. The sound scene is thus better organised for clearer, fuller and more stable sound reproduction. 

The Oticon MyMusic music program will give you access to a complete sound stage in which each sound is clearly distinguished from the others.

A convenient double push button on the hearing aid allows you to easily adjust the volume and change programs.

Oticon hearing aids are IP68 certified. Thanks to the "IP" certification for "International Protection", your hearing aids will resist humidity and dust for a longer life span.


Bluetooth wireless technology will allow you to simultaneously connect your *Iphone or *Android smartphone to your hearing aids.

Take advantage of many connectivity opportunities, such as receiving your phone calls, or listening to your favourite music directly in your hearing aids. You can also connect to various Oticon accessories such as the Connectclip, the TV 3.0 adapter and the phone 2.0 adapter.


The Oticon ON application, which you can download on your smartphone, will allow you to control the hearing aids via your phone, like a remote control.

With Oticon ON, you can remotely control your hearing aids using your mobile phone or tablet. You can change your listening program, adjust the volume and even find your hearing aids if you lose them.

With the free Oticon hearing aid app, Oticon ON, you can link your hearing aids to internet-connected devices and services of your choice, such as home appliances, lighting systems, e-mails, calendars and much more. To do this, the Oticon ON app connects to an internet service called IFTTT (IF This Then That).

HearingFitness™ is a feature of the OTICON ON app that will allow you to set listening goals and track your daily hearing aid usage and battery level.

The Oticon ON app also includes personalized video call support with your dedicated hearing expert, whenever you need it most. Not sure if your phone is compatible? Contact us on the Chat.

Accessories included


The SmartCharger miniRITE R is a sleek, functional, easy-to-use and highly reliable portable charger. It allows Oticon More 3 hearing aids to be charged very quickly.

Enjoy ultra-fast charging in just 3 hours for a full day of use. OTICON MORE also has a 30-minute fast charge function for 6 hours of operation.

To recharge your hearing instruments, no more batteries! Simply insert them into the charger like wireless headphones.

This travel-friendly miniRITE R charger has a durable protective case for safe charging wherever you are. It also has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows the SmartCharger to be used as an external battery when no power is available.

Its drying function automatically removes any moisture accumulated on the hearing aids in order to keep them operational and ready for use.

Its simple connectivity allows you to plug it in anywhere (home, computer or car) via a USB connector.

Fast charging:

Recharges in 3 hours for a 24 hour battery life

Express Charge function:

30 minute charge for 6 hours of performance.

Manufacturer Warranty:

Battery guaranteed for 2 years with Auzen

Maintenance accessories

To care for your Oticon More 3 miniRITE R hearing aids and make sure they are comfortable and last longer, we provide:
  • A set of tools to care for your hearing aids, including a small rod and a brush.
  • A cleaning spray for your hearing aids.
  • 10 antibacterial wipes specially designed for thorough cleaning.

Enjoy incredible sound clarity every day while taking care of your hearing aids!

Technical specifications

Find all the technical specifications for the Oticon Oticon More 3 miniRITE R

Artificial intelligence Connected to the Cloud
Bluetooth Made for Iphone Made for Android
Programs 4 programmes
Number of bands 18
Programs button Yes
Noise filtering Advanced
Selective speech amplification Advanced
Volume adjustment Automatic
Wind noise reduction Yes
Feedback cancellation Avancé
Impact noise reduction Advanced
Treble compression Yes
Binaural communication Advanced
Directional microphones Advanced
Coil (T Position) Yes

Technical specifications


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