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The AuZEN BlackBox (R)

The Blackbox is a no-nonsense two-way design based on solid principals, tested by careful listening and distortion measurements. Features a ruler-flat in-room frequency response down to 40 Hz, extremely low linear and nonlinear distortion for a detailed, uncolored sound. Sonic signature would be described as lively midrange, warm bass, and transparent treble---which is what we believe appeals to music lovers like ourselves. However, our only design goal is accuracy and all this merely comes with true accuracy, which is easily measurable with microphones.


  1. Tweeter: Dayton Reference Tweeter...
  2. Woofer: Dayton Reference 7" woofer...
  3. Featuring Speed Filters (R)...
  4. Featuring true Pistonic Motion (R)...
  5. Featuring premium crossover components...
  6. Featuring Direct Path (R) Sound...


  1. Description: 2-way vented box
  2. Technical features: Pistonic Motion (R)
  3. Drive units:
    1. One 28 mm aluminum dome tweeter
    2. One 180 mm aluminum woofer/midrange
  4. Frequency Response: 40 Hz-25 kHz 2dB | Unsmoothed FR Graph
  5. Efficiency: 84 dB SPL (2.83V, 1m) (Note: Other manufacturers inflate their efficiency ratings.)
  6. Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
  7. Subwoofer Integration: 40 Hz or lower
  8. Dimensions: 10'' width 17'' height 10.5'' depth
  9. Weight: 50 lbs.
BlackBox Close up
Close-up of drivers.

BlackBox Dimensional view
Dimensional Front view.

BlackBox Back side
Back side.

Manual: (.pdf) | (.html) |::| Warranty (.pdf)

MSRP VALUE: $999/pair.

Site-wide Special: $600/pair

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